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4 Ayden Strong Foundation

4 Ayden Strong Foundation
CROWDRISE : Sep 12, 2017
Tax ID: 82-1181771
BASED: York, PA, United States


4 Ayden Strong Foundation

Raising Awareness

The Foundation is organized, and shall be operated exclusively for the charitable purpose of “To Advance Awareness and Research for the Fight and Cure of DIPG; Assist with Costs of Treatments for Those Affected by DIPG; and To Issue Scholarships and Donations to Community Sports Teams”, a nonprofit corporation incorporated in the State of Pennsylvania and to be recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended.

DIPG is one of the most dealiest and most evil of all pediatric cancers. (diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma) Which is loctaedin the pons of the brain stem. DIPG is inoperable. DIPG is "Usually found in children betweem the ages of 4-11 and to be considered ''Rare". But as we are finding out, it has become more and more present. 

Upon diagnosis, children are given 6 months, to 2 years to live. The cancer is terminal. There are only trials that parents can do for their children in hopes of prolonging life. There is NO CURE.

In 55 years, there has been no change in this medical study on how to cure the children. 

Symptoms can start with severe headaches, the eyes becoming crossed, losing balance and mobility in one side of the body. DIPG then just takes over and the children. They are then put on steriods to reduce the swelling around the tumor, which causes every child to drastically change appearance and mood swings accur. They begin to have enormous appetites. With DIPG, all functions begin to shut down all the while the child memory and awareness are fully intact. The children stop talking, can barely move, they cant eat and their lungs fill with so much fluid making it so hard to breath. There neuroligical system shuts down.

Ayden gained his angel wings in March of 2017. We have vowed to make a difference and bring ligh to this cancer that so many people have never heard of. No parent shpuld have to bury their child. We want to raise awareness, raise funds for research and to help other DIPG familes in these tough times. No one should FIGHT alone. We are One Mission, One Army.

Tax ID: 82-1181771 •


4AydenStrong; Ayden's War on DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic, Pontine Glioma)

4AydenStrong; Ayden's War on…

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8% Raised of $10,000 Goal