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Helping the victims of abuse build self-esteem and confidence

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Esteemed Treasures


We are a new nonprofit gearing towards helping the victims of abuse build self-esteem and confidence. We offer services and workshops of this nature
Helping the victims of abuse remember that they are Esteemed Treasures... one person at a time.
Esteem by definition means “to regard highly or favorably; regard with respect or admiration.”
This is the exact opposite if how abuse victims feel; often time many question what is wrong with them to make the people who are SUPPOSED to love them hurt them in such a vile manner. They place them blame on themselves instead of on the abuser. An analogy if you will; A splinter that pierces your skin and buries itself deep down. If you remove the splinter and cleanse the area this will heal over a minimal amount of time; however if you leave the splinter in your skin and allow it to remain burried with out ever dealing with it you will over time have an infection that is oozing and bleeding and unable to hide the splinter deep within anymore. Abuse if you will is the splinter yes its the original problem but treated quickly will heal quite nicely. If you cover up the abuse and bury how you feel and the effects of it, it to is an infection. The infection associated with abuse is where our focus lies. Treating the splinter to avid infection.



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