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We strive to reach out and improve the lives of all children, so that no child in need will fall through the cracks. Tax ID 46-3379182


4 Kids Sake was founded and is now run by the executive director, Theresa Grzenia. For a majority of her life she was involved with many different charitable organizations in our local communities. Many of these organizations do great work and assist many children but she always felt that there were too many kids that these organizations were unable to help. There was definitely a need to support the children that fell through these cracks, but there was no one, or group to provide that support. So at 17, she began the groundwork for a charity to make sure that these children in need would not be forgotten.

4 Kids Sake is an entirely volunteer organization which means that all of the donations collected are able to be utilized directly for the programs we fund. In the short time 4 Kids Sake has been established we have been able to help over 2,500 children. The requests we fulfill range from school fees, sports fees, medical fees, glasses, shoes, etc. being whatever the need is. We have also been able to expand to work with children with special needs, children with life threatening illnesses, and children in local orphanages. Our greatest hope is to make a difference by improving the lives of children, through whatever their need may be.