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7261Magyarország,Taszár,Lakotelep 1 fsz.2

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July 11, 2017

 Unfortunately nothing has changed :( I still look forward to the donations because we need it:( :( But I have not received any donations :(((((   See more


Erzsebet Kocsis


I was born in 1970 on ápr.23 day of my birth, this would be the most beautiful if I would get the money because it is very important I take medicine to find out this money and you could be the debt and we could even take the sugar and ECG sensor measuring machine which would be a need Unfortunately, because of serious heart disease and diabetes husband I know that this is just a dream but I wish it were true, and if the request is met Due to my husband because I love and I do not want to lose Thanks Pretty much money would be needed to 80000 dollára that we can settle the debt and that we can take the measuring instruments in HungaryI wish you would help us would be very urgent Thanks I'm very desperate because I tried everything and no one can help. It takes a lot I need your help and support because I'm not well financially :( Yesterday my husband was taken to the hospital because you are getting a heart infartust again :( doctors can not say anything good improvement :( Unfortunately, my husband can not have surgery because the heart can not stand the surgery :( So I ask for help and support that we can take the measuring instruments are very urgent :( Thanks Please, who can and want to help us do not know what to do because I'm so desperately If you can not or do not want to help my husband. you can help me if you can, at least in the wee granddaughter :( poor thing very seriously ill Muscular dystrophy is a small and collapsed lungs:( why am I so desperate because I can not help neither the husband nor my little granddaughter because we do not have enough money :( no one deals with my grandson and my husband just me:( We invite you to help us :( Unfortunately I do not know what to do:( I tried everything,but I did not get any help or support but I do not know why that is? :( I really need help and support i do not know how long I can with nerves,because I'm really in despair :( I did everything I did or what they said :(but nobody even supports it :( My little grandson would need support because it is still in the hospital unfortunately :( It's hard enough to support my little grandson from fifty seven thousand forints and I still can not pay my debt :( Please help us somehow because they said that their team will do everything,i hope this is so and I can count on the help and support of the team :( Thanks I'm sorry I have not been up to this time unfortunately my little grandson is in the hospital again :( Unfortunately it looks like the condition of my little grandson does not improve :( If my little grandson does not improve, then I have to go abroad to Germany because they may be able to help them better i hope :( But unfortunately I do not have the money i ask you to support us :( I know I need a lot of money eighty thousand dollars :(.....But this money would help us out because then we could pay the debts and make more money to heal the little grandson we need :( I ask you to help us and to support us thank you very much for thanking those who help and support us:( We have a paypal account or a bank account and you can send donations to my little grandson on any account. Thanks I ask you to help us and to support us:(



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