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99,000 steps to save a life

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EVENT DATE: Nov 01, 2014

Christy Pichette


moreen fried wrote -

On November 1, 2014, I embark on my fourth volunteer medical trek into a remote mountainous region in Nepal.  On a recent trek, a woman from a local village was carried in by family to be treated.  She was very sick, but without the proper diagnostic tools, her illness was unknown.  The volunteer physician recommendd she be evacuated by helicopter to Katmandu as she would not be able to make the three day trek back down the mountain.  The decision to be made that night was based on allocation of funds.  If monies were spent on the evacuation, then orphans that HHC supports would not have sufficient food that month.  She died that night.  The decision did not have to be made.

christy pichette wrote-

I have worked closely with Moreen for years providing mental health and substance abuse treatment to clients in Alaska.  When we would get together, for case staffings I would hear her talk about the treks in Nepal and the work that was being done there.  Moreen has been after me about coming on one of the treks that HHC does throughout the years.  After being a part of the fundraiser that Moreen and Janice Onorato did last year, I was more exicted about going and voluteering my expertise to the people of this great nation.  I think for me it will be an eye-opening experince and really put a lot into perspective.  I want to be able to help and provide my knowledge to anyone to help better their lives. It blew my mind to think that individuals in this region do not have the same access to medical care or social services that we do.  I think for a lot of us we take this for granted.  So I want to do my part and provide what I can to help these individuals.

About HHC:

Himalayan HealthCare is a non-profit, non-governmental and non-denominational organizaion.  For twenty-two years, HHC has devoted itself to improving conditions for the Tamang people, an isolated ethnic minority, which is a significant obstacle for self-improvement in Nepal.  HHC accomplishes its mission through local initiatives and community participation programs.

How you can help:

HHC organizes twice yearly volunteer treks for healthcare professionals to provide multi-day clinics.  Volunteers donate a fee which pays for porters and medical supplies to be brought to the villages with us.  Trekkers take a ten hour jeep ride to the first camp site, then hike three days, ten to twelve hours a day, to the first village.  We work ten to twelve hour days in the medical camps providing training to HHC village based staff and treating patients.  This is repeated three times over two and a half weeks.  One volunteer actually counted the number of steps hiked:  99,000.

On this fall's trek, I am proud to be accompanied by friends and previous volunteers.  By donating just $10.00, you can help save a life.  We are hoping to raise $5,000 to help supplement treatment for patients that are too ill to receive care in the villages.  Help us avoid the decision as to who should receive services, a sick mother or orphaned children.

(All donations go directly to HHC for the 2014 fall trek medical needs.  Please consider paying the transaction fee so that HHC receives the full $10.00.  Thank you!)

Please visit our website:

View the award winning documentary "Hearts in the Himalayas":

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