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AHERO connects Veterans through outdoor activities as a means to recover from their physical wounds and psychological trauma to reintegrate with American life. Tax ID 45-3704451


AHERO (America's Heroes Enjoying Recreation Outdoors) is a 100% volunteer, 501.c.3 non-profit dedicated to preventing Veteran suicide through organized outdoor events and forging personal bonds amongst fellow military service members, past and present. Without the generous support of the community we would not be able to continue these multifaceted activities that develop and strengthen these relationships and provide opportunities between Veterans and the community that reduce suicide.  The incidence rate of Veteran suicide is more than double that of our non-Veteran population with so many of them that never connect with the needed emotional support during the long recovery, rehabilitation and adjustment to life after combat.


AHERO is changing that… and your commitment and donations will go to necessities such as transportation, lodging, meals and other expenses directly related to wounded/injured service members and Veterans’ participation at AHERO events during the 2016 calendar of events.  We are proud that we as Americans always remember those who have served our country and that we will not leave them behind either on the battlefield or in the trials of life after their service and sacrifice to a grateful nation.


Thank you for choosing to support AHERO and get Muddy!