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Advancing Rural Indias Success Through E...

Advancing Rural Indias Success Thro...
CROWDRISE : Oct 12, 2016
Tax ID: 47-5208212
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Advancing Rural Indias Succe...


Help us LIGHT UP the smiles of students at St. Hilda's and St. Hugh's, Chengalpattu, India

What once was a pre-existing school in a small town in India - about to be condemned and closed - is now a fiercely determined-to-succeed center for education that continues to be dedicated to the advancement and well-being of the communities children.

After 10 years of strong leadership, dedicated educators, and the generosity of strangers, TOGETHER, it is amazing what has been accomplished.

What was once was a school with 176 students and 8 teachers in Pre-K - 5th grade,  has grown to 1050 students and 50 teachers in Pre-K - 12th grade.  What once was a school that was unaccredited and in danger of being condemned, is now an accredited, 3 floor, 2 wing school compromised of 39 classrooms. 

The students, now have access to, a science and computer lab, a library, an outside basketball court and playground, math club, science club, English club and Tamil club.  The very first graduating class to begin their education in Kindergarten graduated in 2014.  All 23 graduates have continued on to college

St. Hilda's and St. Hugh's gives these children the opportunity to go to school, continue on with their education to college, and CHANGE THE COURSE of their lives, and their families lives.  This school is more than a place to learn, it is a haven to children and the community.

To continue on the advancement of the school and the students, ARISE (Advancing Rural India's Success through Education) is in the planning stage for the installation of solar panels, which will stop the frequent black outs during their school day, and is the first step to an English Language Audio/Visual Lab.  Please help us continue our mission of LIGHTING UP the Smiles of the Students.

Tax ID: 47-5208212


Help us LIGHT UP the Smiles of Students at St. Hilda's and St. Hugh's in Chengalpattu, Ind

Help us LIGHT UP the Smiles …

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