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We’ve all seen how generous the public is when a disaster first occurs. But what happens when the news cycle is over and the world moves on to other matters? What happens to the long-term solutions that will bring real, lasting recovery?

This is where Aid Still Required steps in - by raising awareness with innovative campaigns and funding sustainable projects for the long-term.

Aid Still Required's campaigns have included musicians like Paul McCartney, Norah Jones, Eric Clapton, Bonnie Raitt, Maroon 5, Sarah McLachlan, James Taylor and others, and NBA stars including Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Tracy McGrady and Grant Hill – reaching tens of millions of Americans through television, print media and the internet.

Please help us help those who have been forgotten. Your contributions of any amount will go a long, long way.

For example: In Indonesia where the tsunami hit hardest (160,000 killed, 1.2 million displaced), there are still thousands of people who are using the ocean to bathe in and as their toilet. The project we support there is transforming lives for as little as $120/family by providing new organic farming, fishing and handicrafts businesses that bring much-needed income - and restore dignity and promise.

For us there is nothing more satisfying than giving a hand up to people who are passionate about rebuilding their communities.