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Combining science, media, & art to protect the Amazon rainforest.

Our mission is to bring awareness and environmental sustainability to the Amazon rainforest through multi-media educational materials while assisting partners on the ground who provide solutions to the issues.

The Amazon Aid Foundation (AAF) recognizes the value of the Amazon and tropical rainforests of our planet. Through a broad multi-media effort AAF will raise awareness and education about these critical ecosystems and raise funds to protect them. Using a holistic philosophy, funds raised by AAF will be used to support organizations that successfully:

  • protect habitat and foster biodiversity
  • create sustainable conservation practices
  • engage in significant scientific rainforest research
  • provide economic opportunities that do not require deforestation to local residents
  • work with governments to protect rainforests and their indigenous peoples
  • educate local populations about the importance of the ecosystems in which they live
  • bring awareness to the international and Latin American communities about the importance of the Amazon as an ecosystem

Fundraising Campaigns