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CROWDRISE : Jan 06, 2014
Tax ID: 27-1538976
BASED: West Roxbury, MA, United States



Ambassadors for Sustained Health (ASH) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to building sustainable community centers in order to break the cycle of poor health.

Over a billion people are stuck in a cycle of disease and poverty that is completely escapable — with just a little help. Sustaining health means getting people healthy and keeping them healthy.


When it comes to healthcare, there is more to it than handing someone a pill and walking away. To us, true health is defined more broadly. It involves medical care, but also includes the development of economic opportunity, housing, clean water, and education. ASH partners with developing communities to get them healthy and to keep them healthy for generations to come.


The ASH Community Center is the living, breathing expression of our mission. Charity is an unsustainable resource for an impoverished community. That's why each community center is developed to generate its own revenue and become financially sustainable within 10 years. ASH's objective is to use charity as a catalyst for lasting change.


Our current community center is in Wamuini, Kenya, maintained by local leaders and on its way to reaching financial sustainability within 10 years.

Tax ID: 27-1538976 •


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