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Beth Kase's Athlete Campaign

Beth Kase's Athlete Campaign Photo

The Story

While hiking on the Appalachian Trail, Beth came down with flu and strep throat. She became septic and gangrenous, with her organs in complete failure. After a 30 day coma, she awoke to normal organ function. However, her left leg had to be amputated below the knee, in addition to part of her right foot. Eventually, both hands were amputated as well. The recovery process has been long, but Beth has not become discouraged. She is the quintessential outdoorswoman, and can't wait to return to her active lifestyle. Hiking is not an option, due to her injuries. Cycling is a better option now. Beth requires a custom bike that will accommodate her prostheses. IM ABLE received an extremely generous donation that has covered most of this equipment. However, due to the extensive customization needed on this equipment, the cost has climbed higher than anticipated. Any contributions to her campaign would be most appreciated. We can't wait to see Beth get up and moving again!  Any funds raised in excess of what is needed for Beth's bike will go towards helping another individual with disabilities "get up and move"!  Thanks for your support.

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