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Established in 2013, Build It Detroit has a vision of creating vibrant, thriving communities.  

At present, Build It Detroit is restoring homes and providing housing for individuals based on their ability to pay. Build It Detroit is creating a safer neighborhood by establishing reliable homeowners and improving the physical condition of the neighborhood.  We have acquired properties in a Northwest Detroit neighborhood--all suffering from various degrees of neglect and disrepair. Build It Detroit has converted about one third of the acquired properties into comfortable housing.  

With the help of a grant from Detroit Future City, Build It Detroit is in the midst of creating a neighborhood park area on Lenore Avenue which will serve as a community space for the entire neighborhood. We continue to raise funds to establish a stable, healthy neighborhood and to expand our scope to other neighborhoods in Detroit.

Our mission is to release life and hope into communities through the rehabilitation of homes and neighborhoods and the restoration of recreation, education, and business facilities and services--beginning in this Northwest Detroit neighborhood.  

We have made a long-lasting commitment to this mission and to the city of Detroit. With your help, Build It Detroit will continue to revitalize the neighborhood and give hope to those who live there.