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Empowering families and individuals to be able to live self-determined lives in their communities. Tax ID 26-3365037


CHS serves Detroit and its surrounding communities by helping families and individuals live better, more independent lives in the community. The CHS team operates in the belief that empowers people in the least restrictive environment using the tools of self-determination, achieving success:

•Helping the homeless or those in housing crises resettle in affordable and sustainable homes
•Providing in-home support services to senior adults and those with disabilities or special needs to help them live independently

CHS believes every person has a right to live with housing stability and to live with positive, daily routines. We aim to be an advocate for those without, and a resource providing critical information in times of extreme uncertainty.

CHS considers a program successful when the clients achieve housing stability, housing independence, income growth or educational attainment. Integration into the micro community and larger neighborhood is critical, as well. Successful programming thus is about outcomes and impact, rather than input, and about people CHS serves rather than CHS itself.