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The goal of the Center for Independence of the Disabled in New York (CID-NY) is to ensure full integration, independence and equal opportunity for all people with disabilities by removing barriers to the social, economic, cultural and civic life of the community. We work with individuals to develop individual roadmaps to improve their own lives. We educate the public about obstacles to equal opportunity and strategies to employ to eliminate barriers. We advise policymakers on sound public policies these goals.

We envision a society that is fully integrated and allows equal opportunity for people with disabilities. We believe that self-advocacy brings a vital dimension to this effort. A key component of all of our activities is the participation of people with disabilities in planning, identifying needs and trends, and adding their voices to the public discourse.  The majority of the members of CID-NY Board and Staff are people with disabilities. The people we serve are encouraged to join in our advocacy and policy efforts. 

CID-NY combines policy analysis and advocacy, community education, and benefits counseling to reach our mission. 

Over the past 31 years, CID-NY has led successful public policy, education and advocacy efforts on public benefits, housing, education, employment, transportation and health care. Our public policy efforts focus on identifying the problems faced by people with disabilities and offering potential solutions to policymakers. We draw upon the experiences of individuals with disabilities and their families to focus on how public policies affect them. We use our professional skills and credentials in law and public policy to translate these concerns for policymakers and to craft proposals. Our public policy staff are primarily people with disabilities and work with people with disabilities to become effective self-advocates.

CID-NY also addresses the removal of barriers to equal opportunity through a wide array of educational workshops including independent living skill training, benefits and public policy updates, financial literacy, job hunting and interview coaching, and mastering the housing search, among others.  Our emphasis is on sharpening skills and providing successful strategies. Our technical assistance and community education staff are primarily people with disabilities.

For business, public agencies and nonprofit service providers and the general public, CID-NY provides technical assistance. We offer disability awareness training, workshops on the ADA, and the latest updates on benefits available to people with disabilities.

In the past year, CID-NY served nearly 19,000 people with disabilities, their families and service providers in New York City.