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Calm Passion Inc

At Calm Passion, we create sensory appropriate events for Autism & Sensory Processing Disorder children and families to attend.

www.calmpassion.org Tax ID 81-3124934


My name is Adam Wilson, and I am a work from home Dad of an amazing son with autism, named Logan. I am also the Director of Calm Passion INC, a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit dedicated to creating sensory appropriate events for Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, and other special needs children. My team and I started Calm  Passion because these types of events weren't available to Logan and our family.

Over the past year plus, we have held several superhero academy and science fiction training events, as well as some sensory appropriate movie showings. Our attendees have learned teamwork, dressed up in amazing costumes, used their artistic skills, enjoyed exercising in new ways, practiced patience, made new friends, and had special effects used to enhance their light saber duels and to make them fly through space! Most of all, they had fun in a supportive, non-judgmental, and safe environment.

As we move forward, we want to be able to create more events for as many kids as possible, including going to help those who have been through major life altering events, such as a natural disaster.

Please consider becoming a supporter of our efforts with a tax dedutible donation. Thanks!