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Cathy Hay

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amanda SAYS:
November vote for you God Bl…
November vote for you God Bless
3 years ago
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Megan SAYS:
Cathy - Happy 'End of Septem…
Cathy - Happy 'End of September Vote' coming your way!

Imagine Scholar is facing the onset of the hot season down in South Africa! We need your help to keep it cool when the 100+ degree weather rolls in. Will you help us purchase a new air conditioning unit?
4 years ago
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Dearest Hope to Haiti Donor,…
Dearest Hope to Haiti Donor,

We cannot thank you enough for your overwhelming generosity to Random Acts’ Hope2Haiti 2012 campaign. I hope that you have been following us at as we chronicle how your support is significantly impacting the children and community of Jacmel. While the situation in Haiti remains dire, our projects are receiving funding they desperately need…all thanks to you!

Random Acts is still helping with several wonderful projects conceived and run by Haitians in their home communities. The Jacmel Children’s Center is in the final phases of construction and we fully anticipate completion by the end of 2012 or early 2013, this has been made possible by your donation. The Art Creation Foundation For Children is hoping to move into a much larger facility that they will own, and some of your donations are being to help make that possible. The Faith and Love Orphanage is under construction to expand their facility to provide a secure, loving home for even more children and the Espoir des Enfants orphanage has a new home and hopes to put in a library soon.

The hard earned dollars you donated are disbursed directly from Random Acts to these entities and therefore, directly to the programs they provide. This arrangement allows you to be certain that your funds are being used to impact the children and the community of Jacmel in a truly significant way. We will continue to share with you video and testimonials from our volunteer team about our Haiti experience and ongoing progress.

We wanted to send you a heartfelt and personal THANK YOU, for generously donating to our Hope2Haiti 2012 campaign. Your gift is sincerely appreciated and continues to improve the circumstances and make a profound and lasting difference in the lives of the people in Jacmel, Haiti.

Thank you

Misha Collins and Cinde Monsam
Founder and Director of Random Acts
4 years ago
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Megan SAYS:
An Admirable August vote com…
An Admirable August vote coming your way :)
4 years ago
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Sarah SAYS:
JUNE VOTE FOR YOU!! Hopefully a successful one for you and your projects! :D Much Respect :D

To try and help ease the suffering during these hard times, I am raising money for the CAPUCHIN SOUP KITCHEN in Detroit as well as a DOLLAR DRIVE for FORGOTTEN HARVEST.. Both two incredible groups of HUGE HEARTED people that dedicate their time and lives to fill the bellies and ease the pain of the endlessly growing homeless population and destitution..

EVERY DOLLAR goes a LONG way, and any donations or support you could help out with, truly means SO much!

Thank you..
4 years ago
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Jessica SAYS:
Thank you for the donation y…
Thank you for the donation you guys! You are really helping get to the goal and I appreciate it.
4 years ago
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Megan SAYS:
Welcome to Crowdrise vote co…
Welcome to Crowdrise vote coming your way :)

Can you help spread joy to VERY deserving children? By donating $20 to Imagine Scholar's student birthday project, you'll produce the purest kind of excitement and a lifelong memory. Our 25 students have never had the chance to celebrate a birthday before, let alone eat cake. With every $20 donation comes photo footage of one of the student's special day :)

Best wishes,
Megan + Imagine Scholar Team
4 years ago
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Bianca SAYS:
Awesome job Cathy!!! Can't w…
Awesome job Cathy!!! Can't wait to see you in Haiti!
4 years ago
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Linda SAYS:
Hi...A January Vote for you.…
Hi...A January Vote for you...May this new year bring you all the blessings your heart can hold...Also, wishing you a great fundraising year for all your Projects!....( My Project...CURE EPILEPSY...January Goal = Raise $43 for Jason's 43rd Birthday on Jan. 31st.
4 years ago
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Veta SAYS:
The holidays are right aroun…
The holidays are right around the corner! For many, this is an exciting time with lots of presents but for women and children suffering from domestic abuse, the only gift they want is a happy home. Please remember the generous spirit of the holidays and consider donating to my "For the Kids!" Campaign.

Here's a December vote for you, friend! If you have a chance, a return vote would make you the most awesome person ever!
4 years ago
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Cathy Hay
Nottingham, England
Stuff About Me:

I want big results. I don't care to hear how this or that is "hard for everyone", or about what I should expect. I don't buy it. We can do it, whatever it is.

Part of the point of life is not to mind that you feel like a complete moron. I’m practising being the first to dance, the first to speak up, the first to stand up and yell, "YES!!"

I strongly suspect that we may be significantly more awesome than we realise.



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