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Morph Quest

I need help shifting from reaching only the people that are right in front of me to reaching anyone, anywhere, and at any time. Tax ID 20-5718666


“I’m stuck and I need your help!”

Have you ever felt stuck? I have and I am. I’ve been stuck at a certain spot, in a specific area of my life for about a decade. That’s right 10 years. I’ve been stuck in a transition that I believe God wants me to make between direct and indirect influence. Direct influence is limited by location, we have to be in the same place at the same time. Indirect influence has virtually no limitations. It can be accessed by anyone, anywhere, at any time. Indirect influence includes books, webinars, FaceBook Live, ebooks, articles, small group resources, virtual coaching, and more. This is a new world for me. I am committed to joining the conversation and tackling some exciting, helpful, and occasionally controversial topics. 

During my 36 years as a Pastor and counselor I have experienced and learned some amazing things that have helped many people, many families, and many leaders and their teams to experience real freedom and lasting change. I have learned ways to help churches and other organizations manage the tension between high health and high capacity in their pursuit of their purpose and passion. I am soberly excited about engaging and learning how to effectively communicate with people I may never meet in person.

A specific area of passion and commitment for my wife and me is young leaders and their families. We have been blessed with an awesome marriage and we want that for everyone. We are committed to helping young leaders live well and finish strong.

How can you help? (Like you don’t know what’s coming.)

I have sought and found answers to a lot of my questions. I need to develop a web presence and an assortment of resources that will speak powerfully to the needs and challenges most people and organizations face. We will develop resources on boundaries, the father’s love, men’s sexuality issues, marriage and family issues, team dynamics, conflict resolution, and many others that will be applicable to individuals, families, small groups, leaders, and their teams. 

All of this will require an initial investment of finances. The “projects” listed on this website represent the needs broken into separate stages or steps. Look at each of them. Go with your interests and passion. Any amount is helpful. Email me with any questions, suggestions, or concerns.