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~COCOON~ Sprout Wings!

~COCOON~ Sprout Wings!
Gig Harbor, WA United States
Stuff About Me:
If you're someone who can see all the people out there hanging on by their fingernails, I'm looking for you. If you know that the social service system can't handle all the people that need help right now, I'm looking for you. If you understand that new answers, more answers, real answers are what it's going to take, I'm looking for you. Let's talk.
I'm one of those grandma's that thinks she's still in the 70's and fighting for social change. Did outgrow the beads, fringe and quit ironing my hair when I was 20. But some things never change in fact they seem to be much worse. And so, it's a passion of mine to help create answers. Besides, my 5 kids are grown and now what am I supposed to be doing? Just kidding. I know what I need to be doing. And that is to help create a better future for my grandbabies. And so I am working hard on the first "Cocoon". A bit of many things that work for people. I've gleaned from Intentional Communities (we used to call them communes), traditional family structures from ango to native american, the CCCamps of the great depression, and blended them with the best of our current world in eco building, alternative power sources, internet, other techno stuff that I don't understand and best practice methodology in social services. Roll them all together, knead gently and pick out the burrs. You get a wonderful silken cocoon in which fractured families, at risk youth, single parents, displaced prior homeowners who find themselves "unhomed", aging out foster care kids, emancipated youth that weren't really ready to emancipate, and other folks that need a little bit of time and love to get back into the mix. Ask questions, there's just so much to put out there and I'd like to share it.

Sprout Wings!


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