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Cool The Earth Inc

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Cool the Earth is a non-profit organization offering a community based social marketing program to over 100 school communities in the United States. Our free program educates kids about climate change and inspires them to take actions at home with their families to reduce their carbon emissions. The program is free and relies on a parent or teacher volunteer who brings them program and materials to their school.

The premise of Cool the Earth is simple: When kids learn about climate change and are empowered to take action, they are a powerful agent for change in the whole family and in the community. We’ve seen this work with other campaigns such as “don’t smoke” and “recycle.”

The program is running in 100 schools in the Bay Area and is sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Bay Area Air District. Additionally, Cool the Earth has earned awards from the California Air Resources Board, Breathe California, Metropolitan Transportation Commission and more.

CTE launches with a school-wide assembly featuring an age-appropriate play, empowering children to take action. Students then go home with a coupon book containing 20 energy conservation actions which they can take with their families; completed actions are returned to school and tallied. Students receive “eco-friendly” trading cards as incentives for having taken actions.

CTE has recently had its program evaluated by a senior research scientist at Stanford University to evaluate the impact and efficacy of its program and elevate the standards for evaluation in the climate change arena.

Anyone interested in signing up their school to run Cool the Earth can visit our website for more information.

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