Tammy Elliott's Fundraiser:

Dancing With Our Stars

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BENEFITING: American Red Cross

ORGANIZER: Red Cross Northeast Wisconsin

EVENT DATE: Feb 15, 2014

Tammy Elliott


“Action 2 News This Morning” co-anchor at WBAY-TV.  Off the air I cherish family time with my wonderful husband and two kids, 9 and 7. 


Dance Questions:

1. Describe your first dancing recollection. About how old were you and what was the occasion? 

Can you say “spinny dress”? As a little girl I loved to twirl in the homemade dresses my mom would sew. I passed that tradition along to my daughter (minus the “homemade”).

As a teenager my girlfriends and I spent “S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night” making up dance routines in the basement. We loved the beat of  Bay City Rollers, Janet and Michael Jackson. I started mixing cheerleading and dance at Ashwaubenon High School and UW-Madison. I was always watching the girls on the dance squad wishing I could be that much better of a dancer.


2. Who is your dream dance partner?

I should say my husband, right? He really has some great dance moves that rarely are seen. 


3. Who is your favorite dancer of all time on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” and why? 

My favorite 2 dancers and the only couple I ever voted for: Donald Driver and Peta Murgatroyd. I was in awe of their style, chemistry and all that fun they were having on the dance floor. Will I get those great long legs if I dance? I mean Peta’s!


4. Why support the American Red Cross with your participation? I can’t count the number of times as a reporter and news anchor I’ve said “The Red Cross is assisting families in the aftermath… of a fire, storm, disaster.” Dancing with Our Stars gives me the opportunity to give back. I am honored to be asked to help a great community organization. 


5. Hobbies or passions:

My kids and family are my passion. We love family bike rides, backyard games and being together for all of their activities. They keep me busy! I also enjoy staying active and trying new workouts. My love right now is yoga. I thrive on the release and peace it brings to my busy days.



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Tom & Audrey McCarey

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