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Tahani Alshareef


NatureServe wrote -

Join Team NatureServe today for the 2012 ConservationWalks and help raise lots of money for the leading source for information about the rare and endangered species and threatened ecosystems. 

NatureServe ensures that science informs the critical decisions needed to protect our natural resources and the diversity of life on Earth. We make it possible for decision-makers to access scientific data that is not only reliable, but necessary to sustaining the natural heritage we share.

More than 1,000 scientists, data managers, and other professionals participate in the NatureServe network. These dedicated staff collect and manage the Western hemisphere’s most comprehensive resource for biodiversity data, containing nearly a million mapped locations of at-risk species and providing extensive information on more than 66,400 species and almost 6,700 ecosystems.

Thanks to supporters like you, NatureServe will extend our network’s nearly 40-year legacy of connecting science with conservation by:

  • Providing expertise for practitioners and policy-makers to guide the use and protection of biological resources
  • Conducting fieldwork by network members to maintain accurate location data
  • Documenting threats, like the vulnerability of species and ecosystems to the impacts of climate change
  • Developing dashboards to help reduce biodiversity loss, inform regional and global conservation investments, and integrate worldwide networks
  • Assessing the conservation status of species and ecosystems in the Western hemisphere, while contributing to global understanding of extinction risks


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Tahani Alshareef

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