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Executives Without Borders USA

Executives Without Borders USA
CROWDRISE : May 10, 2010
EIN: 26-2790154
BASED: New York, NY, United States


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At Executives Without Borders, our goal is to serve as the critical link between experienced individuals eager to serve the global community and humanitarian projects around the world. ExecWB recruits experienced business leaders who volunteer for service and place them around the world to execute projects directed at improving humanitarian outcomes. These business leaders are able to apply their experience to existing resources and continue their successful careers by contributing to communities in need.

ExecWB is a non-profit organization founded in 2007 after identifying that many projects in developing countries were in need of business and consulting skills, but were sourcing this work to large for-profit organizations at a high cost. The fees required to secure these services depleted funds that would could otherwise be used directly to benefit people in need, instead of to a shareholder of the business organization. Importantly, ExecWB does not select projects influenced by any political, religious, or economic factors and ExecWB's volunteers are compensated modestly for living and travel expenses.

EIN: 26-2790154 •


Yaron's 50th Birthday

Yaron's 50th Birthday

Amount Raised:



37% Raised of $5,000 Goal

Bob's 42nd Birthday

Bob's 42nd Birthday

Amount Raised:



102% Raised of $4,200 Goal

$50K + You= $100K

$50K + You= $100K

Amount Raised:



54% Raised of $100,000 Goal

Team EXECWB.ORG NYC Marathon 2010

Team EXECWB.ORG NYC Marathon…

Amount Raised:



99% Raised of $34,000 Goal