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CROWDRISE : Jul 07, 2015
Tax ID: 59-2055476
BASED: Tallahassee, FL, United States


Together We Can End DV!

Domestic violence does not go away by looking away. It stops when we stand up together. It stops when we say it must, and not just one of us, but all of us. Building a Foundation of Hope and Safety….Together!

The FCADV Foundation, Inc. was established to ensure the long-term sustainability of life saving services for domestic violence survivors and their children by supporting Florida’s 42 certified domestic violence centers. 

The statistics are haunting, on average three women are murdered each day in our country by a current or former intimate partner. But these are more than just statistics these are families torn apart by violence, children that have lost their mothers, parents forever grieving the death of their daughters, and friends left wondering what could have been done

Each of last year’s 205 domestic violence homicide victims in Florida had a name, a face and a story. And every day in certified domestic violence center’s throughout Florida, dedicated women and men are working to provide services, emergency shelter and programs for domestic violence survivors and their children – they are working to save and change lives. They are not looking away – they are standing up together to say domestic violence must stop.

Are you?

Please help us take a stand and build a Foundation of Hope and Safety...Together!

Tax ID: 59-2055476 •


FCADV Foundation - Building a Foundation of Hope and Safety .... Together!

FCADV Foundation - Building …

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105% Raised of $75,000 Goal

Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence Foundation

Florida Coalition Against Do…

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