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Fit & Fearless Fitness Photo
Fit & Fearless Fitness Photo
Fit & Fearless Fitness Photo
Fit & Fearless Fitness Photo
Fit & Fearless Fitness Photo

The Story

EVENT DATE: Jun 01, 2014

DEADLINE TO GIVE: Jun 30, 2014


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What if women could actually do something to reduce their breast cancer risk. What if we could cure Diabetes. What if it was as simple as taking a walk or going for a run with a friend. City of Hope not only imagined it — they proved it. On June 1st, Fit & Fearless Fitness, presented by Champion Sports Bras will honor leaders in the fitness community for their dedication and passion for bringing about healthier life choices.  Join us as we fight together for a cause that benefits us all, City of Hope’s Positive Image CenterResearch led by City of Hope’s Leslie Bernstein, Ph.D. broke new ground by establishing that regular long-term exercise reduces the risk of breast cancer, the most common of women’s cancers. In fact, women who exercised three hours each week while teenagers cut their breast cancer risk by 30%. Proceeds from the days events will benefit City of Hope’s groundbreaking research in Cancer, Diabetes, and HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention.


City of Hope’s driving force is ”There is no profit in curing the body if in the process we destroy the soul”. On June 1st  you can lend your name and your efforts to our mantra and take a spin, lunge or jump forward in the fight against Cancer, Diabetes and HIV/AIDS, and at the same time empower yourself along with others fighting the same fight. On June 1st, we will rock out in the middle of Union Square Park in honor of our community - side by side with those who support us and encourage us. On June 1st we will Be Strong, we will Be Fearless, we will Be Determined to find a Cure. Together, we will celebrate our health as we workout for this worthwhile cause. Help us set an example and show off your best self.


Be Fit & Fearless with us on June 1st. Own your body, own your health.


Registration opens May 1st



9:30am - Park Opens to Event Guests / Registration Opens

10:00am - Noah Neiman Combat Conditioning

11:00am - ((305)) Fitness + Awards Presentation to Alison Sweeney, Noah Neiman and Sadie Kurzban

12:00pm - BFX Spinning Class

2:00pm - Closing Remarks

BFX Mini Sessions thoughout the day.


Multiple classes are available:


Day Pass for ((305)) Fitness and Noah Neiman Classes

ELITE VIP BFX Spinning Class - 12:00pm - $550 per person

VIP BFX Spinning Class - 12:00pm - $350 per person

Level 1 BFX Spinning Class - 12:00pm - $250 per person

Level 2 BFX Spinning Class - 12:00pm - $150 per person

Level 3 BFX Spinning Class - 12:00pm - $80 per person


Just click on the class links above or the Team links below and select the Donate button to register for the class.



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