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Good Samaritan Malawi is an extension of Good Samaritan Ministries. We educate, empower and encourage the weak and destitute in Northern Malawi.

Our approach is to help others to help themselves, their families and communities. We understand that helping others acquire the skills, knowledge and start-up financing needed to build a good foundation is more important than just throwing money at a problem.

100% of your donations no matter how small will be used to for appropriate programs. We are a volunteer organization with over ten years experience partnering with Malawians. We use the most effective means we know for investing a given amount of money so that it brings the largest possible amount of real good to the greatest number of people. This doesn't change whether you're donating one dollar or a thousand dollars.

So why fundraise for us, or donate to us? Because it’s a powerful thing to help fight poverty, by providing opportunities that allow others to succeed.

After all, we lose nothing when others prosper. And the world in general becomes a better place to live.