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Our mission is protecting, rescuing and providing sanctuary for elephants worldwide. Tax ID 46-3564818


Global Sanctuary for Elephants exists to create vast safe spaces for captive elephants, where they are able to heal physically and emotionally. There are elephants around the world in need of sanctuary, but too few exist to be able to care for them all.  

Our pilot project is Elephant Sanctuary Brazil, the first and only elephant sanctuary in South America.  ESB will follow the same beliefs that will guide the creation of all sanctuaries that GSE assists in developing.  

Below are 4 integral pieces of the sanctuary puzzle that we will provide through sanctuary. 

  • Vast wide open space to allow elephants to get lost within their own world of intuitive exploration
  • Both mental and physical stimulation-empowering them to think, move and function as they would in the wild
  • An emotionally nurturing environment that encourages elephants to communicate their fears and desires free from expectation
  • The companionship of a herd-allowing elephants uncomparable support and the knowledge they are no longer alone

The space, freedom, unconditional love and respect sanctuary provides simply cannot be duplicated.  It is the only true healthy option for elephants in captivity.  That is why we need your support to make sanctuary life a reality for elephants around the globe