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Media studies show that bad news far outweighs good news by as much as seventeen negative news reports for every one good news report.  Is it likely that people will stop paying attention to bad news?  Probably not.  But, at GoodSpeaks we believe we can change how we respond to it. 


We collect and organize nonprofit media and data by issue and news event, and distribute this bundled information to news organizations, publishers, and to the public.  We do this to help connect stories about diseases, disasters, and crises directly to actionable and relevant media, documenting these organizations' work on the ground as they improve the situation.

If disaster strikes, we will seek out the organizations who are helping the victims so people can learn what is being done about it.  Where diseases threaten, we want to help people find, learn about, and support the organizations seeking a cure.  Where we are destabilizing our natural environment, we'll figure out which groups are working on the solutions that will bring us in harmony with it and invite everyone to lend them their time, their voice, or financial support. 

We Need Your Help!

We need the help of donors, volunteers, and sponsors in order to keep going.  All donations, sponsors, volunteers will be acknowledged on our Good Friends page, and:

for donations of $20, we're handing out stickers with the GoodSpeaks logo, above.

for donations of $50, we'll give you a GoodSpeaks T-Shirt in your choice of size and color.

for donations of $75, you'll get either a GoodSpeaks mug or a GoodSpeaks T-Shirt in your choice of size and color,

Not feeling up to a donation?  We also need people who can:

Spread the word: Like and/or follow us and share the word through Facebook, Google+, Twitter, email, word of mouth.

Sponsor Us: If your company or nonprofit organization would like to sponsor GoodSpeaks, find out more here.

Volunteers and Advisors: And if you would like to contribute your marketing, design, technical, or editorial expertise consider joining our Board of Advisors.  Or, join in as a volunteer and help us keep on top of nonprofit news events, find and organize relevant nonprofit media and data, and/or improve our website and the services we provide to our users.

Thank you for taking the time to read all of this, we hope you'll give us your support!

-Kristen Milhollin, Founder,

GoodSpeaks is an all-volunteer project of the 501(c)3 nonprofit organization SpaceforGood.


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Shirl and Chip Hering

Shirl and Chip Hering


7 years ago

Kristen Milhollin

Kristen Milhollin


7 years ago