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Great American Foundation

Great American Foundation
CROWDRISE : Mar 11, 2015
Tax ID: 47-2724607
BASED: Jacksonville, FL, United States




The Great American Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Jacksonville, Florida. Our main mission as a charity is to help out our nation's veterans and their families who are in need. We are here to focus on the community, helping provide food for people who need it, and help raise funds for the needs of our citizens. We believe that any citizen in genuine need of medical attention, food or education to better themselves and become a greater asset to our country are extremely important and most certainly have our support.


We have watched our military men and woman defend us and others only to receive inadequate care and treatment from the government that sent them. We continue to see our families and elderly suffer at the hands of companies that put profit before their health and wellbeing. We have citizens that go hungry and our schools cannot afford to provide a quality education to our future workforce. All this and more while our government continues to send billions of our tax dollars to other countries. Somewhere along the way we stopped putting America first. Great American Foundation is dedicated to providing assistance and opportunity to the people of the United States and no one else. We will be relentless in our efforts to bring attention to the needs of our great country and its citizens. Together with your help we can put America first again.


Tax ID: 47-2724607 •


Great American BurgerFest

Great American BurgerFest

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1% Raised of $10,000 Goal