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CROWDRISE : Dec 31, 2014
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More than Bread & Water

Economic Development in Rural Haiti

Our profile photo is a Portrait in Determination!  It is a photo of young Haitians in    in a rural district of De Nippes Haiti pushing a half-ton Villager Solar Oven up a steep incline to get it to its new location!

Mercy Outreach Ministry (MOM) has been working in rural Haiti for over 22 years.

A visit to will show you our mission projects in detail via photo albums.  We need donations to stabilize, expand and to initiate some of our major sustainable economic development projects in De Nippes::  the new dairy project to purchase more cows, the media project to  repair and furnish our Internet facility to start our Online Education Academy in our fight against illiteracy and to provide free educational courses in health, nutrition, basic literacy and other information needed to spur economic development via internet and other electronic media (LCD projection, etc)to purchase laptops; to upgrade our solar bakery to include a sanitary facility& environment; provide needed equipment and supplies, etc) fund turkey/egg project for nutrition, initiate a local sewing school/industry and to purchase transportation for the bakery to sell its bread in outlying parishes just to name a few.  

Our organization (MOM) firmly believes that by providing start-ups for sustainable economic projects, the peasants in rural areas will be excited about having an opportunity to build small industries that produce needed items for their lifestyles.

Having the things they need for everyday existence will spur economic activities including old-fashioned bartering, mini-credit among themselvers and a gradual infusion of local dollars into their community.  

We teach them to fish..rather than give the proverbial fish each day!  That is simply fostering dependence rahter than economic independence and sustainability.  We teach them "to feed the future" by planting in all spheres of development, and to be consistent in their efforts to see their efforts result in a harvest in the future for them and their children's children!

Tax ID: 52-1672048 •


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