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Hance Park Conservancy

Established in 2010, the Hance Park Conservancy is comprised of community and business leaders committed to ensuring a bright future for Hance Park, and by extension, the greater Phoenix Metropolitan Region’s 4.2 million residents. Tax ID 46-2316524


During the past 20 years, Hance Park has been unable to achieve its full potential as a grand urban park at the heart of our country’s sixth largest city.  A recent study by Arizona State University found that most Phoenix residents don’t know where this 32-acre park is, despite Central Avenue traversing it, and hundreds of thousands of people riding beneath it daily through the I-10 tunnel.  For residents who visit, Hance Park often feels empty, uninviting, and unsafe for children.  It suffers a shortage of amenities, shade, and programming.  The Hance Park Conservancy was instrumental in developing a new master plan to revitalize the Park and is actively raising funds to make this plan a reality. 

Beautiful new mid-rise condos around Hance Park are nearing completion, yet established neighborhoods to the west and east are economically challenged.  While the population around the park is ethnically and socio-economically diverse, it is unified in its enthusiasm for Hance Park redevelopment.