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Art Resource Collaborative for Kids' Fundraiser:

Healing Art for Syrian Refugee Children

Art Resource Collaborative for Kids' Photo
Art Resource Collaborative for Kids' Photo
Art Resource Collaborative for Kids' Photo
Art Resource Collaborative for Kids' Photo
Art Resource Collaborative for Kids' Photo
Art Resource Collaborative for Kids' Photo
Art Resource Collaborative for Kids' Photo



Art Resource Collaborative for Kids (ARCK) is a Boston 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to empowering underserved students. ARCK uses art as a vehicle to reach our students’ greatest creative and academic potential through a unique interdisciplinary curriculum.

As the Syrian crisis first emerged, approximately 1.2 million refugees fled to Jordan. Consequently, a large number of Syrian children have missed out on school and suffer from physical and psychological trauma due to the ongoing catastrophic wars. Today between 2 and 3 million Syrian children are not attending school. Besides losing their childhood, these children are facing a crippling lack of access to education. Today 1 in 13 people in Jordan is a Syrian refugee, and it is obvious that these Syrian refugees still need our assistance.

As an art educator, I had to do something through art to help those children deal with trauma and regain a sense of hope for them to return back to their home. These Syrian refugee children need a safe environment to go to school in order to pursue their dreams in order to establish a better future. Currently, the education opportunities these children in Jordan do have are overcrowded, too far from home, and some do not even allow children to enroll in classes if they have missed three consecutive years of education. The lack of opportunity for these children is astonishing, and we are hopeful that through your donation you will be giving Syrian refugee children tools to help rebuild their lives, the ability for them to build self- confidence, and a space for them to heal in safe environment without fear.

It’s no secret that art can be used as a therapeutic technique and as a vehicle for self-development and personal expression, as exemplified by “Storybook Through Art.” Through art, children are able to convey very personal themes that they may otherwise find difficult to express in words. Our hands-on programs will allow students to have the freedom of self-expression. This is one step toward the reconciliation of past traumas and starting a life outside of their comfort zones.

Your donation will go toward:

  • art supplies such as:
    • scissors, tape, glue, color pencils, markers, duct tape, pencils, sharpeners, erasers, white paper, drawing pads, watercolor paper, acrylic painting paper, clay, crayons, canvases, brushes, construction paper, stationery
  • Other miscellaneous supplies for the classroom: paper towels, water, healthy snacks, cameras, travel expenses, transportation, music speakers, iPad for interactive learning
  • Teachers
  • Volunteer training
  • 4-month workshop program
  • Storybook Through Art: Children will create a storybook throughout the weeklong workshop and keep it as a takeaway after the workshop. The storybook is an accumulation of each student’s illustrations and stories they wish to tell. Your donation will help with the printing costs for each student-created storybook, to ensure each student will have this book for a lifetime. Please take a look at this powerpoint:Storybook Through Art" to see an example of the project completed by students in the Zarqa Region of Jordan in 2013.
  • A possible collaborative mural or sculpture created by Syrian refugee students

With each donation of $500 or more, you will receive a personal handmade card from one of the students and a copy of their work.

Share the hope with your friends, family, and neighbors. Together, we can make the world better.



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