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Heroin Support Inc.

Addiction is a Disease - Ask Me About My Angel Tax ID 47-1293444


Our mission is to provide support to our loved ones and the families who are affected by the disease of addiction, to advocate for more and improved treatment options and services, to educate our children on the dangers of addiction, and to break down the stigma surrounding the addiction that our loved ones struggle with daily.  We also provide online grief support for those who struggle with depression.

Who Are We?

Heroin Support Inc started in the summer of 2013 and we became a 501(c) Nonprofit in 2014.  You can find out more about our nonprofit organization by visiting our website at

How Your Donation Will Be Used
We are trying to raise funds to help loved ones purchase a memorial cremation urn to for the ashes of their loved ones who lost their battle to the disease of heroin addiction.  The custom urns we have looked at purchasing cost around $100-$150 each and you can see a sample by clicking here.  Your donation of $5, $10, $25 or more will help needy families who can't afford the cost of a cremation urn to hold the remains of their loved one who passed away.  You can make a donation in "honor" of someone who you knew passed away or maybe just make a donation because you know how the disease of addiction tears apart a family.  

We will also share on our social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and etc each individual donation made as a thank you and appreciation for your contribution.  

Ways to Donate
Donations to the Heroin Support Inc are 100% tax deductible to the full extent of the law.  You can click here to verify our nonprofit status with the IRS website.  Below are the other ways you can donate to our nonprofit.

  • Donate via our fundraisers at the bottom of this page
  • Purchase wristbands and more by clicking here
  • Donate via our website
  • Donate via PayPal Giving Program
  • Donate via Network for Good
  • Donate via Qgiv
  • Donate via check or money order to our address below 
    Heroin Support Inc
    P.O. Box 236
    Alexandria, KY 41001

Heroin Support Group
We have a private online support group of over 50,000 members you can join by clicking here.  This support group is open to anyone struggling with addiction, for those in recovery wanting to help others and for families who just want to join and understand the daily struggles of addiction.

Heroin Memorial Grief Support Group
We have a private Facebook grief support group you can request to join by clicking here. This private support group is for the family and friends left behind to struggle with their feelings of depression and sense of loss after losing their loved one. Only people who lost a loved one will be approved to join this grief support group.  You can learn more at

Share your memorial tribute here with us now so we can share it on our memorial map, videos, blog and social media outlets for others to put a face with your loss and to see the damage done by the heroin epidemic. 

CLICK HERE to submit your very own memorial tribute and CLICK HERE to see other memorial tributes submitted to us to share.

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You can click here to purchase products such as wristbands and car window decals that also help with our fundraising. ​