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Manitowoc County Domestic Violence Center Inc

Making a Difference in Manitowoc County Tax ID 39-1354763


InCourage Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Center is the only center of its kind in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin. It is a tremendous responsibility, and it one we do not take lightly. We are able to help people very usually in the worst circumstances of their lives. Often, the people we serve feel they have nowehere to turn. Be it the trauma of leaving an abusive situation, or the horrors of confronting sexual violence, our clients are left shaken to their core. We strive to give them hope, we strive to provide the shoulder they so desperately need. 

In our crisis shelter, we are open to any victim of abuse who needs us. We provide temporary housing for victims and their children if needed, and it is more often than not, needed. Food, clothing, transportation, toiletries, advocacy, we provide all of these services and more to our clients. 

The victims of sexual assault and rape in our county are also served by InCourage. Via our SAVS (Sexual Assault Victims Services) program, victims of sexual violence have someone to turn to as they face the myriad challenges confronting them. Our advocates will go to area hospitals to help guide the victim through the medical and legal processes ahead. They will bring a care package with them containing clothes, shoes, bottled water, and food. The medical, and indeed legal, processes post sexual assault and rape are invasive, and it is necessary to have a friendly hand to hold, and to guide, through the process. 

At InCourage we believe that no one deserves to be abused, no one is asking to be assaulted. We approach each day with love and care, and transfer as much of that as we can to our clients, as we know that a kind word, a loving gesture, can make all the difference in a life.