Email from WANDAA (4/5/11):
Dear Donor,
I just wanted to take a quick minute to directly thank each and every one of you for your generous donation to our organization through the Crowdrise portal.  Your donations have already allowed us to send supplies to the people of Japan and we are sending a group of representatives next week with more supplies.  It is because of you we are able to provide this help to the people of Japan.
I must point out that the recovery of Japan will take a long time.  And while the story maybe become less newsworthy for the media, the struggle to regroup and rebuild will continue in Japan for years to come.  Please do not forget about the people of Japan as the media might.  We will continue our missions to provide help and support for the people of Japan for as long as it takes.  We will need your help again in the future I am sure.  I know the economy is tough and giving to a stranger may seem crazy when you are struggling yourself. We are not asking for much.  Small donations by large numbers can achieve amazing results.  So please keep our organization in mind when you are thinking about helping again.  Our work will continue with great support from people like you.
I will make sure I keep you all updated on our latest missions.  Watch our website for news at
Again, thank you very much for your support
James Arnott
Executive Director
World Association of Natural Disaster Awareness & Assistance (WANDAA)
Delray Beach, Florida