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Jesyka Grossell

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Katherine SAYS:
Welcome to Crowdrise Jesyka.…
Welcome to Crowdrise Jesyka.
Sent 100 Lucky Shamrocks for you for March.
When you get a minute visiting me with a return vote and checking out my contest would be great.
Again welcome!
7 years ago
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Welcome to Crowdrise! Good l…
Welcome to Crowdrise!
Good luck on this wonderful site.
You have my welcoming vote.
Please support my project to help children with Cancer in countries where they do not have access to treatment. Thank you!
7 years ago
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Jesyka Grossell
United States
Stuff About Me:

My name is Jesyka, im 25 years old. i have four children, LilyAna, 6, Ava, 19 months, and my twins Abby and Ethan 8 months.  Ava, Abby and Ethans father had to much to drink all the time. i was on bed rest for both avas pregnacy and the twins so all i got to do for about two years is sit in my house and stair at the same walls every day. while i was on bedrest with ava i had fallin down the stairs doing laundry beacuse if i hadnt i would have been in alot of trouble. when he got home from work he told me i faked it (even though there was a huge bruse going across my stomic form hitting the stair) and refused to take me to the dr. i ended up making it through the pregnancy and got away from him for a couple months had a resraining order and everything. then he sweettalked me .......... i believed him. i went bakc. ended up getting pregnant with my twins the first month i came back to him. after the twins were born. i managed to get away again. his drinking had grown phisycal. i took my babies and left. he fought for the babies. court forced me to give them to him. on oct 2nd 2010 he had brought them back to me from having them for his visitation. ethans arm started to twitch. i just figured it was a newborn thing. nerves not fully developed or something like that. well as the day went on his leg started to twitch, then his whole right side, then his head was even nooding to the right. so i took him to the ER they found Two brain hermrages one old patch of blood and a new patch. they flew him to mayo in rochester ASAP. the following day they found two broken ribs in his back that were already starting to heal. because of their father and i being on and off they took my babies away from me till an investigation is done. they sent x-rays, ct scans, and mris to madison to have a time line put on them. we received the results............... the hopsital says he was shakin on 3 seperate occasions that were bad enogh to cause damage. all three times were the only time in his whole little life that he was left alone with his father. i know have bills coming in that are $30,000, $19,998, $13,986 and they just keep coming. i have got my babies takin away because of him, know i can not even get a job because i have to be there for ethans dr visits, surgarys, and he is on three different seizer meds now. i have to be with him 24/7.  I NEED HELP!!!!!



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