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Konnect America

Many are in remote and rural areas such as farm lands, Indian reservations, black belts, deltas, or even indigent areas that do not have access to high speed broadband for either lack of infrastructure, affordability, or knowledge of attainability.More than 40 million households with students or school age children throughout our country live without internet access. Tax ID 47-4265793


Our non-profit organization has been working at the federal, state, and local levels throughout the country advocating the importance of this void and its impact on our future leaders.  The governmental progress has been slow, but our donors, partnerships, and volunteers have been making a tremendous impact one zip code at a time.  


Through our Industry "PIE Project" (Partnerships in Education), we currently collaborate and work closely with several satellite and broadband carriers to bring broadband anywhere in the country, regardless of how remote one may live, or how low the income.  


We are passionate about creating a level playing field for America's children.  We seek to find, educate, and implement broadband services to qualifying households in need all over America, arming our young minds with the vital resource tools to be socially and educationally successful.  No student can successfully stay on par with their counterparts that have broadband access for educational research or other social interactions.


We continually welcome donors, volunteers, and industry partners to join us in continuing this grass-roots cause of broadband connectivity for every student, one household at a time.  A mere $300 can cover the connectivity for an entire school year.  Our "PIE Project" Industry partners have also joined us in eradicating the normal installation and start-up cost on qualifying recipients of our cause.  The strength of our future depends on the preparedness of our youth.  Please Join Us and "Let’s Bridge America’s Connectivity Gap Among Students Together”.