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Mid-America Association for Autistic Training and Research

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MAATR is a non-profit 501(c)(3), founded over 20 years ago, dedicated to providing care and services for the needs of children AND adults with Autism, as well as supporting other Autism foundations across the nation. 

The inspiration for the foundation came from Matthew, the adult with Autism assisting the child with Autism in the photo (who is now in his mid 40’s), the son of Director Harry McLear. Since Matt came into the world at a time when awareness of and treatment for Autism was non-existent, his family who cared for him had only their own alternative therapies to count on. They successfully taught Matt about interaction with others, basic life skills and even how to drive a car—a major accomplishment for someone suffering from this debilitating disorder. 

With the success of the “non-traditional” approach, the desire to share their knowledge and experiences with other families sparked the dream to build The Maatrhorn Ranch….A place which will provide hands-on activities, vocational training and teaching to help develop the talents and abilities the Autistic possess, which seem to be locked in their minds, but have difficulty articulating. Their faces reflect the all-to-common, vacant stare or expression that has a sense of asking for help.  Access to the right care and teaching will make a difference.

See our MAATRhorn Ranch Project below for the exciting details!

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