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Medical Scholarship Fund

Organized by: Andria Orlowski

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     When you lay down on your back your feet are side by side with your toes up. That is the natural configuration for a human being. The feet face forward when standing, the toes provide stability and a grip if one is barefoot. The teenager whose feet appear in the photograph was born with a deformity. As you can see his feet are horizontal when he is lying down and go in the opposite direction. As you can imagine it is very difficult for him to walk, run, or pretty much get by like you do on a daily basis. His mom brought him to our clinic because she doesn’t have a lot of money, lacks insurance; and traditional medicine has utterly failed to provide any sort of healing for him.

     We need your help because our doctor actually made a difference in his life.

     We are a Naturopathic practice located in Phoenix, Arizona. As you may or may not know in Arizona a Naturopath is considered a primary care physician and has to complete the same sort of educational requirements as a regular MD or DO might. In Arizona a Naturopath has prescription writing privileges. Our clinic presents a traditional medical treatment modality, the kind humanity has had since time immemorial. We first try natural herbs and supplements and if they do not provide relief then we can graduate to a pharmaceutical. But we try to avoid the complications many pharmaceuticals might cause. Our doctor spent years studying the ancient art of osteopathic manipulation, acupuncture, and sojourned with many highly skilled healers; then closely contemplated upon the musculature and skeletal interplay to develop her unique form of body work.

     The young boy was stunned to watch his foot gradually straighten up as she worked on the muscle structure and rearranged the nerve/energetic pathways. We aren’t here to get rich, we care about our patients. We have rent, expenses, and have to pay our staff. It occurred to us we could reach out to you to fund a treatment scholarship fund that would be available to those who need treatment but cannot afford it.

     If you help fund this project we will, with the patient’s permission and yours, keep you abreast with who we are helping with your contribution and you will receive a personal snail mail thank you note from the patient explaining what your donation has done for their life.

     We treat all kinds of illnesses and diseases. Our focus is on helping the patient get well, hence our name is Arizona Wellness.

     We have chickens on site (it’s a big piece of property). We feed them only organic feed. Our patients stand in line for our eggs which they swear tastes much better. We have an organic garden and have a network for providing healthy foodstuffs. We recently added bees to have our own honey and pollinate our plants as nature intended. Our perspective is on the entire body. What you eat has a major impact on your health. We are in the process of launching several initiatives to assist those with weight problems. We treat cancer patients and those with chronic pain; stress related complications, and pretty much anything you can think of we have probably worked with a patient suffering through it. Often patients need lab work to isolate a cause of a condition or need tests; these as you know can be expensive so it’s not just our time and staff but third party labs that need to be paid.

     Presently we have started a program to train young doctors because we believe conventional medicine is under tremendous pressure to produce numbers and the emphasis is on seeing 30-35 patients a day; whereas; we focus on putting you on the path to wellness.


7/29/15 - A Personal Message From Dr. Orlowski:

     Often we get requests from people that are looking for help. Some are just looking for hope.  People who have been told by doctors that there is nothing that can be done for their condition. People who don't feel well, but are told that the tests are normal, it must all be in their heads.  People that have intolerance of conventional medicines, people who don't have the means.

     Unfortunately most insurance does not pay for Naturopathic care, many that do will not cover alternative medicines or tests.  For some people it’s simply making a choice between new shoes and these things.  Others don't have those options, they simply don't have the money.

     Early on when treating patients I realized that many of my patients had conditions that are considered incurable or untreatable.  Often I discovered that while considering the symptoms from different paradigms of medicine that the conditions were very understandable.  I always remember when I first studied Anatomy and Physiology in college and learned about homeostasis, the human body's tendency to always return itself to perfect health, it takes quite a bit of disharmony to overwhelm these mechanisms and actually allow us to get sick.  There are so many internal mechanisms of healing, generally if the obstacles to cure are removed, the body will return itself to perfect health.  Sometimes the body needs to be given something, a boost, nutritional supplements, IV's, homeopathic medicine or herbs.  These things provide the power for the system to go beyond that which limits it.  Often Acupuncture or manipulation frees blocks in energy flows that hinder the body from functioning at full capacity.  Applying various healing principles, many patients get better.  I realized that we just never know what is curable and what is not, however there are basic principles of health and vitality that can be recognized and worked with. 

     The joy in this practice is in seeing the shifts that occur in people's lives.  Some people are bound by their illness.  "Tied up" in a way that prevents them from being who they really are, doing that which makes them feel impassioned, productive, and alive.  For others the disharmony comes from levels other than physical.  Emotional, mental or spiritual imbalance can be at the basis of any illness.

     My job is to envision this person in their highest light.  To see them without illness or disharmony or dysfunction, in this manner setting up a matrix in which true healing can occur.


8/3/15 - A Thank You Letter

Thanks to your donations, we have been able to continue treatment with our patient last week.  He wanted to thank everyone who's donated for their generous support.  With permission, his letter reads:

"Thank you for donating money so I'm able to get treatment for my feet.  I was able to get another treatment and am able to get my feet together and back up and working.  Now I'm able to try and live my dream of becoming a basketball player.  Thank you for all your support."

Thank you to all who have donated.  Your money will continue to help this patient and others like him.  If you haven't donated yet, please consider doing so.  Every dollar counts.


Organized by

Andria Orlowski

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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