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Click Family Foundation Inc

Click Family Foundation Inc
CROWDRISE : Oct 31, 2016
Tax ID: 20-5757294
BASED: Porter, TX, United States

Let's build an orphanage

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They have names like Anelson, Merlansia, Wilgens, Kinder, Stevenson, Shmaylice, Roseland, and Lovensia . . . . they are young, and they are different from you and me.  They are different because they live in Haiti, they are orphans, and they lack the basic securities necessary for a fruitful life.  They suffer from food insecurity, they lack a safe place to sleep at night, they lack clean water, and they lack sanitation.  They suffer because they have very little access to things we take for granted every day, like turning on a tap of water or having a warm place to sleep at night.  

These children are among the 25 little ones who call Madame Adeline “Mama”.  They are orphans ranging in age from 1 to 13 years, and many of them are orphans from the same family.  Four years ago, Mme. Adeline brought all these children to her small property in central Haiti to provide as much love and care for them as she could with what she had in her hand and with what she believed God would provide by faith.  

I met Mme. Adeline shortly after Hurricane Matthew when traveling with a disaster relief team with Love A Child.  (  They were bringing her a monthly supply of food.  Without the help of food supplies from Love A Child, these children would suffer from severe malnutrition.  We also brought donated shoes and pillows to the children.  It was hard for me to imagine that children would be excited about a pillow, but when I realized they slept on cardboard over dirt floors, it made sense.  When I left that day, I remember thinking “No child should have to live like this.”

Although this place is known as Mme. Adeline’s orphanage, in reality, the orphanage is the children, and it is Mme. Adeline.  On this small farm, the children have love, but they lack the necessities of a stable life, and they have little hope for a better future.   After praying about it, I came to realize that this is the time to change the course of their lives.  It is the time for Mme. Adeline’s orphans to have an orphanage . . . to have shelter, to have food and to have the ability to grow up free of sickness from water borne disease.    

Will you work with me and Love A Child to build an orphanage for these children?   

I have given $25,000 to start the project.  We anticipate that the total cost of the project will be between $75,000 and $100,000 to build an orphanage that will house at least 25 children.  It will be a solid structure reinforced to withstand earthquakes and hurricanes.  The children will have beds to sleep in at night, a roof over their heads, clean water to drink, and a sanitary environmentin which to play.  The orphanage will include a kitchen, a nursery, separate rooms for the boys and the girls, a play area, and, of course, a room for Mme. Adeline.   

I am working with Bobby and Sherry Burnett of Love A Child, Inc. to complete this project.  Love a Child has extensive experience constructing buildings in Haiti with over 17 schools, numerous churches, an orphanage, a medical clinic, and dozens of homes built for the disabled following the 2010 earthquake.  Love A Child has a proven record of accomplishment in Haiti, and because Bobby and Sherry Burnett live there, they have the cultural experience to get this project completed.  We are currently working on the design of the orphanage and hope to break ground in the next two to three months.  

I am working with Debbie Click of the Click Family Foundation to make it possible for your contributions towards to orphanage to be tax-deductible.  The donations will go the Click Family Foundation, a 501(c)3 charitable organization in Houston, TX.  All money donated goes directly to the project except for fund-raising fees of 3-5% paid to   The Click Family Foundation will provide the funds directly to Love A Child.  The Click Family Foundation has funded other projects with Love A Child over the past several years, and Debbie and I will personally assure the funds are used to provide a home for these precious children.  


Tax ID: 20-5757294


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