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PACT for Animals is a champion of the Human-Animal Bond. PACT gives peace of mind to hospital patients and military personnel by placing their pets in temporary foster homes until their owners can be reunited with the companion animals they love.

Every year thousands of companion animals are surrendered into animal shelters due to temporary crises. By providing access to safe foster homes for animals until their human companions can take them back, PACT reduces the number of animals in animal shelters and gives the owners peace of mind that their best friends will not be lost, abused, or euthanized.

We are the ONLY active non-profit organization in the country providing this unique, essential service  in the animal welfare community, and all PACT Programs are FREE! PACT carefully screens every case to find the perfect match of Foster Home and Foster Pet. Foster families are in constant contact with the military/hospitalized owners providing regular updates, including photos, messages and videos of their beloved pets. For many people in a hospital bed, on deployment, or in another crisis situation, these emails are a comfort for their raw nerves, and the best thing they see all week!

When people are fighting for their health or fighting for our country, no one should have to worry about the safety of their best friends. Our foster programs save lives with every successful crisis rescue, foster placement, and joyful reunion. At PACT we believe in keeping families together and building strong communities willing to protect the Human-Animal Bond.

Our work is necessary in the animal welfare community and we love what we do!