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EMPOWERING YOUNG ADULTS THROUGH THE ARTS - PIECES is a CA 501(c)(3) visual and performing arts non-profit organization that serves young adults ages 18 through 25. We are dedicated to positively influencing young people through the arts; tapping into the opportunities that creativity unlocks, harnessing artistic growth while building important life skills. Tax ID 80-0819008


Our mission is to create opportunities and to keep the creative spirit in young people from fading. We recognize how important it is in every person's development to be able to create and express one's self.


PIECES strives to provide a positive environment, tools and support for young people in a crucial age group, transitioning from childhood into adulthood. Many experiencing the loss of a support system, struggling to find employment or feeling unsure of what steps to take next in their own lives. 


Through the arts, we encourage young adults to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible adults, and encourage an interest in entrepreneurship and gaining an education. Get to know us!


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