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Friends Of Remich Park

Objective is to provide substantial seed money to repair and bring up to code the playground equipment at Remich Park, the Town of Littleton's primary children's recreation area.

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The playground was built in 1989 with the assistance of Friends of Remich Park and community support.  Recently the town's insurance company did a playground inspection to make sure we are up to code and there were many issues with the current playground.  These issues include examples like the swings needing to be replaced due to spacing and hardware distances from other items; there is rotting wood in many spots that are difficult to reach without taking apart large amounts of the structure.  There are entrapment hazards present where a child could get their head and other appendages through but not their torso.   Some of the features such as metal slides need to be replaced as well. The surface material (crushed gravel) is also the wrong type of material for the structures height under current code, which all needs to be replaced. 

A local landscape architect as well as our insurance company, estimate that a new state of the art plays cape would cost around $150,000.  With a few grant matching opportunities out there, we are looking to raise $100,000 and count on the additional $50,000 to come in form of local/state/federal grants.

We have a terrific spot for a playground and the goal is to once again make that space a center point of the park and have a safe place for our community to play.  A new playground there would reinvigorate the park, and with a routine maintenance schedule and inspections can be kept for many years to come. 

We look forward to receiving your donation and truly appreciate your support for this very important cause, the town of Littleton and the current generation of children using the structure will benefit greatly from this project.