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To offer and promise safe, loving adoptive homes to all rescue dogs which come into our organization. To provide state of the art medical needs and care by accredited rescue veterinarians. To ensure rescue dogs no longer live in fear and anxiety of the future. To protect and help the dogs to grow and feel comfortable and allow them to provide their new human homes with unconditional love. Tax ID 45-3570841


Pugs U Gotta Save ( P.U.G.S. ) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the needs of abandoned and surrendered Pugs in Virginia! P.U.G.S. takes in abandoned and surrendered Pugs from animal shelters, puppy mills and from owners unable to continue caring for their dog. Our ultimate goal is to foster and permanently place homeless pugs into forever homes with loving families. While in our care, we provide our Pugs with a loving foster home, address the Pug's medical needs and provide any behavioral training needed to ensure that our dogs will transition well into their new forever homes. We also offer public education on the Pug breed and on the unique responsibilities of Pug ownership.