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Rising From Ashes Foundation

Rising From Ashes Foundation
CROWDRISE : Jul 12, 2010
Tax ID: 20-8332858
BASED: Moss Landing, CA, United States


Rising From Ashes Foundation


The Rising from Ashes Foundation believes in second chances.

Born out of the making of the film Rising from Ashes was a profound discovery—made even more potent in its simplicity—that a bicycle could become the vehicle of hope for an entire nation rebuilding itself from genocide. We realized Rising from Ashes was more than a film. It was a blueprint, evidence documented over seven years that Team Rwanda was a powerful unifying force and a healing mechanism—we saw how it worked and wanted to scale it across the continent—someday the world. The bicycle—and cycling as a pursuit—is widely accessible, easily transportable, rapidly disseminated and a universal engine of both economic and personal empowerment. Simply, you can go further on a bike. In practice, the Rising from Ashes Foundation uses documentary storytelling to inspire and educate global audiences into meaningful action, to raise vital resources for our cycling programs on the ground in Africa, and to apply the ideals of conflict resolution within their own communities.

Tax ID: 20-8332858 •


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