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San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center

Help us to prevent child abuse and reduce its devastating impact Tax ID 94-2455072


Every child deserves to be raised by someone who will care for them and show them love and patience.

However, good parenting isn’t something that just happens. It requires some important basics like love, caring and patience. Good parenting also requires some important life essentials that many of us may take for granted – like a place to live, a steady paycheck and the support of family or friends.

Without these life essentials, it’s much more difficult for a parent to master the basics of good parenting – and it increases the likelihood that children will grow up without the dignity and protection they deserve. Sadly, it also increases the likelihood that children will be neglected or abused.

Because parenting is an around-the-clock job, the San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center provides around-the-clock support for children and families in need.

• Our trained staff and volunteers answer phones calls on our TALK Line 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – to help a child or family work through a crisis or to simply offer friendly advice.

• We teach elementary school children how to recognize and avoid dangerous situations, including how to resist and report abuse from any adult.

• We also foster the basics of good parenting in classes for parents and caregivers.

• And our Family Support Center connects children and families to life’s essentials like a place to live or financial assistance for food and clothing.

• And because we know that we cannot do our job alone, we train teachers, doctors, police officers – or anyone who works with children –how to identify and report suspected abuse.

Parenting is the toughest job on the planet. But seeing kids grow up happy and healthy also means that no other job is more rewarding or worthwhile. We’re committed to protecting children by helping parents and caregivers do the best possible job at raising their kids.

But we can’t do it alone. Protecting children requires the help of the entire community. Join us today and help give a child a happier and brighter future.