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Students Education And Learning Foundati...

Students Education And Learning Fou...
CROWDRISE : Dec 21, 2016
Tax ID: 42-1734412
BASED: Suwanee, GA, United States


Students Education And Learn...

Self Educate

Our primary goal is to help educate students from underprivileged community by helping them pay their tuition fees, assisting them to buy educational materials, guiding/consulting them on the successful path.

To focus on the children’s education from economically challenged families in India, USA, and other countries.

To encourage, promote, and support individuals from disadvantaged and underprivileged communities in India, USA, and other countries for their education and career development.

To conduct / organize social awareness camps to educate people of their health issues and to provide support in getting necessary health services to socio-economically challenged people.

To engage in, promote, support and encourage the applied research and development for social improvement.

To support and encourage small scale entrepreneurship for self employment.

Tax ID: 42-1734412 •


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