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CROWDRISE : Jan 19, 2016
Tax ID: 11-3574909
BASED: Forest Hills, NY, United States

CHARITY WEBSITE: Survivors.Network


Help. Share. Motivate.

Survivors.Network is a multi-purpose social network focused on linking survivors from all kinds of circumstances- illness (both physical and mental), accidents, abuse, personal tragedy, and many, many more- at any stage in the survival process (before, during, and of course, after) with other survivors and resources that may be of help to them.      These resources can range from emotional, psychological, and social support to actual aid in the form of physical or financial help. The tool that facilitates all of this is the social networking site which we have developed, Survivors.Network, which enables survivors to navigate this process as well as personalize it to their specific circumstances. Even if one's goal is singularly to experience the amazing therapeutic value of other survivors sharing their experience, strength and hope we feel strongly that this component alone is a very worthwhile undertaking. Add to that the aid element and we feel we have the potential to help many us, as survivors, be of substantial service to the human condition. This may all seem a bit lofty but as any survivor can tell you, it is much needed.



  First and foremost we aspire to be an aid organization. The chief reason for the creation of our website, and organization in general, is to help provide assistance to those most in need. This may be as simple as providing lodging for a family who just lost their home in a fire, or as comprehensive as connecting someone in need of medical care with an organization that can facilitate that.

  The Survivors.Network site is designed to allow those in need to reach a large group of individuals that may have a personal interest in helping survivors of their particular circumstances. As members create their profiles they will specify the particular causes that move them, both from the donor and need side. An example of this might be someone that has survived cancer and has started an organization to help those currently suffering from cancer having the opportunity to reach our members that are in need of the kind of assistance that they provide. We strive both to give direct aid when possible and to connect members in need with individuals and organizations that can help.



    We want you to live forever…

    Let’s face it, regardless of how successful or healthy or strong we may be, our physical selves will all someday pass on. But the impact we make on others' lives, our legacies, will live on long after our hearts stop beating. Survivors.Network exists to give every one of you the opportunity to share your story of suvival, and any wisdom or specific knowledge that could be helpful that you gained from it, with others so that you may help change the world one story, and person, at a time.       

   Many of us have personal experience with survival (whether it be the first-hand account of one's own struggles with life's often unforgiving circumstances, or the inspiration we've gained from witnessing the courage displayed by someone we hold dear when they were facing painful trials) that can serve as a beacon of hope or even just provide a useful tip for getting through similar trying challenges.
We know that we cannot really live forever of course; but our story and the impact we make on others' lives can.
And as such we live on with them.



    Finally, one of our goals is to provide motivation and inspiration at every minute of the day to our members. Whether it is to help keep you focused on your dreams through the struggle of achieving them, to help give you that glimmer of hope in the face of despair during truly difficult times, or even just to help you get through a tough Monday afternoon, we believe that the stories of strength, courage, and determination- in short the stories of survival- shared by our members and the chance to see the beautiful acts of those that are helping them, or have helped them, will lift us all collectively.


 Our site, which is the primary tool allowing our members to connect and to give and receive help, is presently in the Beta phase and is very close to a full service launch. The development of the site is a costly process and has been achieved fully through the generosity of private donors. The sooner we have the site fully functional the sooner we can commit those resources to those in need. Any help you can provide will be much appreciated.  Thank you for taking the time to be a part of Survivors.Network.

Tax ID: 11-3574909 • Survivors.Network


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