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Tax ID: 46-2749211
BASED: Reston, VA, United States


Fight Addiction!

The Chris Atwood Foundation is a nonprofit in Northern Virginia dedicated to helping families and individuals who are struggling with addiction by providing quality resources and education, and by working to reduce the stigma associated with the disease.

Every four minutes, someone dies as a result of addiction - the equivalent of a jumbo jet falling from the sky every day with no survivors.  In 2013, our son and brother Chris Atwood became one of them.

Opioids like prescription painkillers and heroin are killing people in record breaking numbers, prompting the CDC to declare the opioid epidemic a national health crisis.

We are way past the point of denial. No one thinks it will be their loved one  No one would ever have imagined Christopher would become addicted to heroin, but that is what we are seeing happening all around us - especially to our youth - and it's not going to stop unless we all take action.

The good news is that states are beginning to take notice. VA, MD and DC have all recently passed new laws allowing the general public to legally carry a medication called Naloxone - which works like an antidote to opioid overdose in as little as three minutes. This safe, effective medication was previously only available to professional medical personnel, but is now legal for all. 

The Chris Atwood Foundation recently held the first layperson Naloxone training class in Northern Virginia and is dedicated to holding more classes for laypersons, for those in the addiction treatment field, as well as training and equipping our law enforcement and firefighters, who are frequently on the front lines of this epidemic. 

Unfortunately, in response to the new law, pharmaceutical companies have begun to increase the price of Naloxone, making it cost-prohibitive for some individuals. The Chris Atwood Foundation will use all funds raised through the Ragnar Relay Race directly for our Naloxone distribution and educational programming. We believe that every household with a known or suspected opioid addiction should have this medication on hand, just like someone with a severe allergy would have an epi-pen.

No one should have to find their loved dying and not be able to help them.  

Tax ID: 46-2749211 •


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