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CROWDRISE : Mar 22, 2011
Tax ID: 13-4134366
BASED: New York, NY, United States



Empowering Teenagers

The Possibility Project brings teenagers together to transform the negative forces in their lives and communities into positive action. Using the performing arts and community action as vehicles, The Possibility Project aims to develop the next generation of leaders for a better world.

The Possibility Project currently operates three programs - a Saturday and an After-School program open to any youth and a Foster Care Program exclusively for youth in foster care.  Led by teenagers working in collaboration with professional artists, our intensive, long-term program integrates training in the performing arts - acting, improvisation, dance, movement, voice, singing, and playwriting – with workshops in diversity, conflict resolution, leadership and community engagement.  Our creative process allows youth to also build durable relationships across differences, resolve conflicts without violence, engage in positive community action, and develop real-world leadership skills. 


To achieve this impact, each group of TPP program participants creates a full-length original musical theater production that they write, produce, and perform about their lives and ideas for change.  Each group also designs and executes community action projects that give them meaningful leadership opportunities, which, in turn, increase their commitment to and responsibility for their communities.  These youth-led activities not only serve our youth but also amplify the voices of young people, sharing their message of hope and empowerment with other youth and the broader community.


Since 2001, TPP has served more than 1,100 teenagers from over 100 schools and 15 foster care agencies and institutions in all five boroughs of the city, produced and performed 26 original musicals for more than 55,000 audience members, and facilitated the creation of more than 70 youth-led community action projects. 


Tax ID: 13-4134366 •


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