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The Women's Voice Project

The Women's Voice Project
CROWDRISE : May 25, 2017
Tax ID: 81-4551703


Reduce domestic violence

The Women's Voice Project is dedicated to educating the public, helping women unravel the complexities of abuse and how to make lasting change. It is the only way to reduce Domestic Violence.

The Women's Voice Project help women unravel the complexities of abuse. Women participate in the dance of abuse in ways they don’t understand. Unless women understand the abusive cycle, she  is doomed to repeat it.

Statistics of domestic abuse do not decrease each year. Quite clearly the need for some form of intervention remains as high as ever. As a survivor of abuse, it took years before I understood that abuse takes many forms outside physical violence. Many women fail to recognize the profile of the abuser. They also fail to recognize that their co-dependency plays a significant part in the cycle of abuse. Our ground breaking 14-week program addresses the age-old question, “why doesn’t she just leave?”

The Women's Voice Project is provocative in so far it challenges women to be the solution to the problem instead of the victim of the problem.

Tax ID: 81-4551703 •


Program to reduce domestic Violence

Program to reduce domestic V…

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